Friday, June 26, 2009

***** FREEDOM AT LAST !! ************

Some new words in my job title!!
Last week i finally decided to leave my job.... it has been a process of 6 months in the making
The past 6+ weeks i have agonized over leaving with many concerns - but God is faithful
and last Thursday - i sat down with the VP and told him it was time for me to move on.
The company just was not the fit for me and even though at first he tried to get me to stay,
I think he realized too it would be best. Being the compassionate guy he is - he left me with a
nice package so i can provide for my family as i move onto other things where my heart is today.
So this past Tuesday the 24th was my last day, even though on Wed i was meeting clients and
tieing up lose ends. Yesterday and today i spend most of the day with the girls at the dentist - ugh - Taylor had a cavity and then we found Kaitlyn has 4 and bad teeth from poor pre-natal care. Poor girl will be suffering today. Then Reagan came down with a fever so will be hauling the poor guy along with me as i try to comfort both him and Kaitlyn???
We mothers have challenging jobs :-)
I plan to in the next wk - get my life organized and settled so i can start my new ventures in business. I have my company names, and have started my business plans and now to put them down on paper and into action. Will have the kids in school 2 days a wk to give me time to focus, plan and prepare. We hope to have some fun together exploring the beach and life in general since i have never been able to stay at home before.
Then in fall i will go full speed into my business and see how God leads. He has definately provided for this new journey and opened doors wide for me to follow my dreams.
Will finally have time to blog again and post about this journey!
looking forward to re-connecting again


Deborah said...

Congratulations! You have my full support! Let me know how I can help.

Kelly said...

I get this. I REALLY get this.

Good for you LaVonne.


Starla said...

Hope you have lots of great times with the kids while you are home. And that things will go well as you plan out your new adventure.

Not sure what the future will hold for us. Things are on hold for now, but I still find myself looking at lists.....just praying and waiting.


Doug and Terrye said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your journey, it's always encouraging to see how God is working in our friend's lives!

Terrye in FL