Friday, July 3, 2009

Java for Jesus

My girlfriend Deborah was a winner on this radio show in Seattle to set goals, dream big and make things happen.... since she has started a blog, a single parents support group and now Java for Jesus!

check out the site - it is a great opportunity to fund raise through for adoptions, missions trips or whatever.... i am contemplating this will be a great opportunity to even fund my own 501 that i am working on. Deborah is a real go getting and when she started this whole project i realized i could not sit any longer and she was one of my motivators to get going and do what i am passionate about....

Today i met with two Chinese Calligraphers, who i had at our Chinese New Year event in January. They are creating my parent company's logo Asian Blessings which has a double meaning... (1) My 4 Asian Blessings and (2) the Asian Blessings who are waiting to be adopted or will never have this opportunity. My businesses will help support my ultimate goal of giving these children hope. To provide grants for parents who want to adopt an aging out child in China (this means 13 - if over 14 they can never be adopted) and then my longer goal which is already in the works with many is to provide a group home in China for the aged out kids. This would then provide them with den parents and sponsorship from US families who can provide schooling, gifts, clothing.... so this kids can become part of society instead of being placed in the streets to fend for themselves.

I have another designer working on my other company logo Attach-Play. This will be my tool i created for my daughters by accident. I created interactive puppets for Attachment, Bonding or Counseling use. This has been very successful and both our IA Doctor and Therapist told me i needed to sell this. I should be ready to launch this in mid to late August.

So this is a snipet of what is to come from the Dideon household of creativity. I received my last paycheck today and got my computer re-ordered last night. So next wk will be a busy and yet interesting week.
Lavonne 7-3-09

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