Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Dideon Artists

I have started to collect inexpensive craft items for
weekend fun for the kids
I was able with some coupons get these
velvet felt kits for each kid for $1 ea
Memories of the 70's relived
but the kids had fun
so try and do this every few wks
The kids really enjoyed it and it was a nice
quiet project to have them all focus on
Lavonne 3-5-09


Heather BT said...

Loved those as a kid!
think they would even work for my kids as they could feel where to color.
Take care
Heather BT

hiroshi said...

Children can find out their fun easily,but for us it is hard to find out fun.

Amy R. said...

Wow! I am so impressed by your artsy kids...especially Taylor. Sarah Ying could not do one of these...way ahead of where she is. :o( Maybe next year.?
Take care...and hang in there with all the appt's/tests/waiting for results/etc. It can really be a grind!