Thursday, March 5, 2009

Insanity update

My plea of Insanity
Lately life has definitely had its ups and downs at the Dideon household. It really started at Christmas and has just carried on through the first few months of this year. I keep thinking it will be over soon..... but still waiting for this to happen.
Work has been insanely busy which is a good thing but the days are long and exhausting.
We have been back and forth at Children's for 3 of the kids post and up-coming surgeries. Today was another one of those days with a 4pm apt - we did not leave until 10 to 6. So tired and hungry and having to pee bad - Taylor and i made a quick bathroom stop and were thankful for the carpool lane - got home just after 6:30 pm - yes i was speeding but home was definitely becoming my safe haven after this long day. Looks like we have yet another set of apts for Taylor - the head surgeon met with her and wants a CT scan, and a follow-up apt 2 wks later - so another month in waiting.
Reagan's VPI was last wk - the team of doctors met Monday to discuss his case and others and yet no word back - so looks like i will be sending an email tonight to find out what we will be doing. The on-going waits are what is so hard and the back and forth - i think at times they are totally clueless to the time we parents spend sitting and waiting for results - which i can count many times when i have been forgotten in reporting the results - and at least once for Winston we proceeded to do all required and the results were lost or mishandled and we will have to do it all again next year - ugh.
Work - well that is another story - for another day and still waiting.....
Yesterday Kaitlyn started having a rash - so looks like we will be back at the peds office tomorrow or Scott will - to find out since all the meds we have given her are not working and it is not a nice rash. Yes - this is what you get when you sign up for a larger family. It can run you ragged -- yet there are good times too. Like tonight when Scott was out - the kids were playing animals and i had to feed them - we were everything from Hedgehogs - yes, Reagan was rolling around and claiming to be one. Then we had cows, pigs, zebra's, lambs, horses... it was quite the collection - in the midst of this Reagan, Kaitlyn and Taylor all wanted me to rock them like babies in my arms.
I got to tuck them in bed and pray with each one - but that was after making 3 beds - which all had accidents in them last night :-) Thankfully Scott started the laundry today or they would have been in make-shift beds tonight.
I am thankful for a surprise gene in my husband last night while i was out at church....??? he cleaned the whole house???? well vacuumed, did dishes, some laundry and surfaced cleaned. I was trying to figure out what he was up to or wanted??? but i think he was starting to realize i was wearing down and needed some help. Maybe it is those marriage classes we are taking that is prompting this - whatever i was in total shock and felt a hundred times better today knowing the pressure of cleaning was off my list for a day or two!!
So the house is now quiet - i am ready to crash - but know that i am not alone in this insanity - there are many other moms faithfully providing and making it all work like me. God is faithful and tomorrow is yet another day - He will provide -
Lavonne - 3-5-09


Heather BT said...

Praying for some calmness to come!
Heather BT

Deborah said...

Hang in there Dideon's! It only gets better! Remember to take deep breaths and that these are the best days of our lives. Hope you had a chance this afternoon to enjoy some of the wonderful PNW weather. Rem

Doug and Terrye said...

What a precious gift from the Lord, a husband that is willing to learn...and act on what he has learned! I love being internet friends, but I long for the reality of showing up at my friend's house to help her on those hectic days. I'm praying that God has a helping friend in your life :)
Terrye in FL

hiroshi said...

It may be some help for you taht your husband can manage to clean your house from time to time.