Monday, March 2, 2009

B is for Baby Bottle and Bonding

Today we had Taylor's therapy session with Ms Beverly. Taylor did well. When it came to play she followed my instructions and had no problem interacting with me. But then i was told to leave the room. Taylor sat and played while Ms Beverly observed her. Taylor kept busy for a very long time and checked out everything in the room including under the chairs and in the corner. She'd sit on the chairs and just stare at Beverly and then come up beside her and watch but not talk. But she never asked where we were or had much concern we were gone! BINGO attachment issues.
So then Beverly left and Taylor decided it was time to fill the void with toys and busy play. Then Beverly went back in and took the toys and made her aware she had not showed concern for her parents being gone. Taylor then slowly started to cry and still did not call for us. WOW it took her a long time like Kaitlyn's first session.
After all this and other stuff Beverly concluded there had been little to no holding, feeding time for Taylor so this was an unknown. So she asked Taylor if she wanted some juice which of course she did. Beverly came back with a baby bottle. I am now suppose to have baby time each night with Taylor - talk baby talk and regress for a half hour or so each night so Taylor can catch up on this time lost. She does not believe it will be long and Taylor will be done with this stage.
It does feel a bit strange to hold an almost 5 year old in this mannor but at the same time i believe it will help us connect in a deeper level needed for us to develop a deeper bond.
Also Beverly noted it was probably better we are doing it now than when we first received Taylor since we had so many issues to overcome.
So next week we will meet with Taylor and Beverly and then back to Kaitlyn.... glad the insurance has kicked in to help cover these costs. More thankful that we have someone like Beverly to help our little girls heal from their past. We believe we have also PTDS for Taylor which i believe stems from the neglect and possible closet issue if it really happened.
Praise God there are people out there who care to help us through this.
Lavonne 3-2-09

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