Thursday, February 26, 2009

SNOW ???

S N O W !!!
Yep.... today we all got a bit of a surprise at the end of February
reminding us that spring has not yet arrived.
School was delayed and the kids wished it had stayed.
Mom was thrilled since we had a very important doc apt at Children's today regarding Reagan's upcoming surgery.
We did his VPI and then a Video scan or him talking - we still are riding on that fine line on what to do. He does have mild sleep apnea - but they fear it will get worse. There is a new injection type surgery that could enhance his speed bump in his palate and tighten the space so that he could have the slight improvement he needs. They will review and get back to us in a couple of weeks - so looks like it now won't be March.... ugh. Oh well we'll know soon enough.

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