Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kaitlyn's baby

Ok, i have really been bad blogging the past couple of wks since work and life in general has just been crazy will try and be more faithful. So you are just getting a lot of catching up today!

We have started Kaitlyn in attachment therapy and had to take a temp break during Christmas since we were trying to sort through our insurance issues. It just got cleared up and we could start going again. Now both girls can start going. We found it was already helping Kaitlyn.

So we did another re-inacting her abandonment - which is at the core to her issues. Amazing how this all gels together to create issues that can be so deep.

So Kaitlyn's wonderful therapist Beverly had this doll in a basket and called it Kaitlyn's Chinese nick name - we watched from another room. Then we left her in the room with the doll. At first Kaitlyn curled up on the couch in an infant pose and started sucking her thumb - poor thing.

But she did finally go up to the doll to check on her. Finally she called for me and made progress in wanting the doll and called her Kaitlyn. She was given the doll to take care of and what progress to see her loving her and caring for the baby in a way she did not get herself. See her feeding and reading a story to baby Kaitlyn.

Next Monday is Taylor's very first session - hoping we can work through her anger.

Lavonne - 2-26-09


tiffany said...


Were the girls found as infants/newborns or a tad older or ? I guess I am wondering if their issues are stemming from memory or from knowing and wrapping their brains around their stories now. Does that make sense?

I dont see that we have many issues but I often wonder if I am missing things. Like is not caring for doll play an indicator of something, or just a form of therapy?

Love to see her caring for that baby like that.

Hope all is well and always enjoy your updates on your cutie pie kiddos. :)

Doug and Terrye said...

My heart just ached as I read your post. Grace refuses to touch a doll, or even look in its direction. She avoids babies at all costs, and is completely unnerved when they cry. :(

Terrye in FL

Kimber G said...

Lavonne...It's been a while since we've caught up, but I have been catching up on your blog, and read with interest about the therapy you are doing with the girls. Of course, you know our story with the older child adoption, but we also have our Kunming girl in therapy for anger and abandonment's amazing how things that occurred pre-verbally to our kids can have such a profound impact. Thank goodness for good attachment therapists! Email me sometime - I'd love to catch up with you!