Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mom's 70th

It was Scott's mom's 70th Birthday on the 14th
the next day they had a big bash downtown to
celebrate with family and friends - there was about 80 of us
of us celebrating moms life.
The pictures are backwards in order:
This one is of Reagan and me ballroom dancing
I started them doing this a couple of years ago it
we love all dancing together from rock to big band.
Here is Winston and Taylor dancing
The boys will be great charmers one day!
Here is Mom with 3 of her grandkids,
Meg, Shelby and Nicky
Here is Scott and his little men
Here is a collection of photo's of mom's life
you have to love those hairdo's

Mr. Winston in his suit - what a serious cutie
Winston's other side - stuffing things up his nose for a laugh?
One of 3 cakes - which were very good
Taylor's serious moment
Lavonne 2-26-09

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hiroshi said...

Your husband's mother is beautiful.