Friday, October 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the day!!

Well tomorrow is the day i am waiting for... Scott finally comes home and i can go back to some form of normality. What a wonderful thought that is. It sure has been an interesting week and the kids have not been fully themselves while Scott has been gone.
I will be happy to leave Scott in charge for a good portion of this wknd LOL
Already thinking of my escape! Well no luck - we have another busy wknd ahead of us but do get a couple of Lavonne events sneaked in.
Saturday will make an attempt at a princess cake so tomorrow at lunch will try and get the necessary items to make this happen.
I have been asked to sub for the Grandparents for Grandparents Day event at school - but how do you do it when you are suppose to be in 3 classes at the same time? and work?
I was out of the office all day today for a vendor conference at Microsoft which was interesting and actually bumped into an old friend from my BSF days. So have lots to catch up on at work tomorrow. It looks like now Scott will be taking Taylor to the doctor as they will remove the old now very "smelly" cast - and replace it hopefully with a smaller and darker one - hoping only a few more weeks of this. I actually tried spraying disinfectant on her cast today to help with the smell - who knows what is it like inside? I have tried washing with wet wipes and the sort. I will suggest to Scott to get the dark purple color so it does not look so grungy.
I am atually looking at trying to take another day off soon - just to catch up and do some house projects - we'll see if i can squeeze one in.
I am hoping to post tomorrow also an opportunity to help a family to bring their little boy home.
I know it is so hard to do these days with all that is in the papers about the economy and we are feeling it - big time! But this family just sold both their wedding rings just to give this boy a chance to have a home and get the heart surgery he needs here.
Will you consider helping? - Think about it and will post the information shortly.
THANK YOU!! Lavonne 10-2-08


Heather said...

Howdy Lavonne,
Hope you get the respite you need;)
Try talcum powder in the inside of the cast to see if that helps the smell, might, think it did with mine oh so long ago.
I gave you an award on my blog.
Heather BT

learningtogether said...

Hi Lavonne,

Guess who just broke his arm yesterday? Yep, Garnet. It is interesting keeping a just turned 4 year old from jumping and running and crashing through things with his cast aka newfound weapon. ;) We've never done the broken bone thing before so I've made a note about Heather's talcum powder idea. My dh and eldest will be home tomorrow and I think that this Mama will be steppin' out for some coffee, alone.

Copngratulations on making it through the week!

Shelley in BC

Kristi said...

Oh I feel your pain on being at home without a dear husband for a week. That has been our life for the past 8 and the reason we decided to squeeze a move across the state before heading to China for our second child! I just checked out your blog and your kids are beautiful! I look forward to going back to see about each adoption!
(CAC yahoo group)