Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back and so is the internet!!

Well our Internet has been off and on since Friday and well i am finally thinking we are normal again.
We had a busy wknd - way too and i was ready to check myself in - Scott helped out greatly last night - i think he was seeing my eyes starting to roll back LOL
so i went out to get a night out and met a friend from church for coffee. We talked and just relaxed for 4 HOURS!!! at Starbucks by the fireplace - we closed the place down. But i did need a break.
I think i am now a bit more recharged to take on things again...
These photo's are from Sat - I attempted to make Kaitlyn's princess cake... well the cake got into the heating rod and well it only took me 2 hours to bake the darn thing - but it was not that bad and we experimented with decorating - i really did not have full plan - so we winged it and it turned out and then i had all these princess i found including the new Asian one ? and made the princess a bit Asian with the umbrella. So glad the party is now here and gone!
P.S. note Taylor's shorter purple cast in the first photo!!
Lavonne -10-7-08


Amy said...

Wow! I am super impressed by your cake. I am more impressed that you had time to even attempt making one! You are definitely the super mom.

One Happy Momma said...

Lavonne -

That turned out fantastic!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!

All my best -

Cathy and Camie

Lindsey's mom said...

Great Cake!
Good to see your blog! Kids look great
Kathy T