Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ok the last of the photo's for now

Here is the kids near the water and one at the fair.
I must have not been paying attention??? (with 4 kids a bit hard not to LOL)
and i got sun i think on my film? So the last pix of Kaitlyn which i like since it is so her... sucker in hand! My candy junkie
I am hoping in the next few wks to pull out my old books and just experiment - i do know that i prefer another lens and i think this will help me - i also prefer a more wider lens for some shots and use to change my lenses frequently - i think if i go back to a standard lens that will be more comfortable to start with and then move around. My lazy side wants to just go back to automatic - but know my artistic side
wants to explore and create and you just can't with these camera's and that has been my frustration over the years since i left my manual camera.
Oh sorry for you non-camera people in boring you with my talk. It has been a part of me since i was 6 years old and i can still remember the joy of my mother loaning me her camera for camp at aged 8 - in black and white and having my prized roll to take pictures with. Then at 12 getting my first camera which was total junk - the 110 with the rotating flash on a stand but i was in heaven.
My husband when we got married made jokes of the many photo albums - i have over 40 at last count and now with digital i have thousands of photo's in files. One album of my trip to Israel had over 700 photo's - i took two camera's on that trip and just loved it. I use to think when single these would be the first things i would take if my house caught fire!! now that is not the case but do hope to transfer them over to preserve them - as it is a documentary of my life and something to share with my kids someday.
Thanks for letting me ramble on... Lavonne -10-1-8

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tiffany said...

I haven't visited for a while as sometimes life gets in the way of my bloggy fun. :) But I wanted to say that I love the new family photo! Hope all is well.