Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few more pix today

These shots are from the Cranial Picnic
The first is the magician and he started with the balloons and Reagan was very excited to get a sword and kept pestering the guy... it was cute since the magician is good with kids and just gave it back to Reagan and they had a good ole time.
Taylor my social one was right in there - could not miss one moment.
I was a bit disappointed thinking the doctors and other staff would be there and maybe the first year? this was their ninth year and our first. But what doctor wants to see their patients on their days off?
Being one who does events many times for my job and socially i could see where i could give pointers but will keep my mouth shut unless i want to volunteer and i have a maxed out plate as it is!!
It was at a park near the lake so it was really nice a bit breezy but they really lucked out on weather
Lavonne -10-1-08 can you believe it is October already???

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