Thursday, October 9, 2008

An Anniversary and a Birthday

Well Today was Kaitlyn's official 5th birthday according to the guessing of her birthday in China. It was pretty uneventful... but we did all wish her a Happy Birthday a couple of times and of course we got a recorded message from Geoffry the Giraffe from Toys R US wishing her b-day greetings too.
Tonight Scott and i headed out to celebrate our 9th Anniversary - which is officially tomorrow - we did sushi and then we have really good local theater tickets. I had them before getting married and was still in their system when we moved back - it forces us to get 6 date nights a year and we have lucked out the wk and date fall on our anniversary, valentines and my birthday - so its a nice break and it makes us do something together which we enjoy. This year another couple has joined us in doing it so it is nice to spend this time with them. Last time we did this was in May - ugh well overdue. I know our babysitter knows she'll never get rich sitting for us LOL
I have posted a couple more shots from Kaitlyn's birthday party - I suddenly thought about the tux we had in the closet - this is what my nephew wore at our wedding and thought it would fit Winston and he could be prince charming at the princess party - he ate it up and kept bowing to everyone!
Then i had the tables set and the food laid out - wanted a more Tea party atmosphere and a few more healthier items for the girls to eat.
So will try and post a few more tomorrow - Scott is out and it is my turn to be home.
Yes - he is gone on our anniversary!!
Lavonne - 10-8-08


Heather said...

Oh My, he looks so handsome in the tux!
What a great find.
Heather BT

Amy Rankin said...

Hey Lavonne,
I finally had a minute to recover my Google password so now I can comment on your blog!!! I have been following it along...
Birthday looks like a grand success - love all the little princesses and prince charming!
Hang in there,
Amy Rankin