Saturday, October 11, 2008

More from last week...

Here are Reagan is making his first attempt at roller skating. He was invited to a birthday party at school at a roller rink, so Scott took him. He cried at the end when Scott returned the skates - he thought he could keep them...Innocent minds.
This wk continued to be very tiring and last night i went to bed before the kids - i had a breakfast event and had left the house before 6 am and it took its toll. I got 12 hours sleep last night and feel so much better in time for my parents to arrive this afternoon to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving - so have the house to clean and should get some relaxing time with the kids?
Lavonne 10-11-08


Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
I love Canadian Thanksgiving. It's at a better time of year, I'm so much less stressed, and I have it at my house. All the other holidays we go to my MIL's, but this one is for my family and friends. I can't celebrate it tomorrow (mandatory work meeting for myself and one guest) so we'll be celebrating next Monday instead. Have some turnips for me!
Heather BT

hiroshi said...

Sometimes you have to take a long sleep for your health. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!