Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ok i am getting quiet

Still no more photo's.... the kids started their new school yesterday and are really enjoying it. Winston continues to do well and I am so greatful for this.
The weather this wk is in the 80's - wishing i had another wk off!!
But had lots to catch up on....
We see the doc on Thursday - Winston is all scabs now and looking so much better.
This morning Taylor had a rash on her face and neck. I gave her some Zertec but it spread to the chest but not doing anything. Will watch another day or she is coming along with Winston on Thursday. Can't figure it out and she had no new foods, clothes... school was the only new thing.

Well I am exhausted and still have some things to do like laundry... so need to head to bed - hope to have more updates soon. - Lavonne

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