Thursday, July 10, 2008

2nd Doc apt went well

I need to start taking photo's again. We have a busy wknd planned so am sure will be posting and just got Reagan's kindergarten photo's so should get some posted.

We saw the doc later this afternoon today and Winston's skin is clearing up - a few scabs left and the itching and all is almost gone. He will have some scarring but hey can live with that. It looked like his testicles have dropped and working on the foreskin and will have a doc check this out as well.

Poor guy had 2 shots and peed in a cup and then gave 3 vials of blood but this is nothing compared to what the others have done. I have 3 days of poop to collect in my little plastic hat and mix and store - to give to the lab next wk. Oh the joys of parenting LOL

Winston did great - he quickly knew what was coming and started to cry but it was brief and then we were able to have him just look at what they were doing when they collected blood - he again cried for a min. and then was fascinated in what they were doing. So in the end just sat there and watched. Poor guy is like me - hard to find a vain. So they had to get a lamp and finally had to do a butterfly from the hand!! ouch i have had many of those and they are not fun. Will have to remember to give him lots of water before next round. Hope by wks end we can know about if he has Gardia? then we can get this resolved and he can start bathing with Reagan.

He was a real trooper and is just doing amazingly well. School he is having a blast and playing well and they are doing sign language with him. Today we had an interpreter with us named Ester and turns out we both know Mark C. so we just chatted and she never did have to translate for us - Winston just clammed up - but of course before and after was a real chatterbox in Chinese. Oh I wish I knew the language - I am missing out on some fun and interesting conversation... I just have to nod and agree with him... hoping he is not asking for a Jaguar car or something like that :-) He is very interested in learning so tonight took him grocery shopping - and we just talk about everything - we find this a great place for language with the kids - so just pointed and said the word in English, then he says it in Chinese and English back to me. Tonight he wanted to play at bedtime, but has the routine done and even praying is doing great.
Oh well need to catch up on some work tonight - Lavonne

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Starla said...

So good to hear that Winston is doing so well. Love reading your updates.