Sunday, July 6, 2008

3 weeks

Today is our 3 week anniversary with Winston. It was Father's Day and Scott and Jim his step dad received Winston in the afternoon.
He has been home now 9 days and wow he is doing just great.
He really loves his mama and I am hoping tomorrow he does well at his new school.
All the kids start at Rainier Christian tomorrow - I have a work mtg so Scott has to take them in early and I will pick them up.
I think Winston will do well. But a tiny bit nervous.
So now we head back to our routine....
It has been a fun week off with the kids. - Lavonne


tiffany said...

Glad to hear all is going so well! :) I will be thinking of you and hoping all goes well tomorrow.

Heather said...

What joy!
All the kids together and at home where they belong.
Heather BT