Thursday, July 3, 2008

No pix today

Well we are approaching a week home with Winston. We went to the Kids old school this morning and picked up their things since next week they start at a Christian School nearby.
In the afternoon we had a family of 4 over who adopted from our last agency and lives not too far away. We had nasty thunderstorms in the morning so did not know what to expect but told them to pack swimsuits anyways. Well the weather cleared up and the kids had a blast. Then later watched a movie.
Winston is back to potty trained - leaving the pull-ups on one more night to make sure and the sores are clearing up. They are scabbing and looking so much better and the itch is better too.
He has become such a momma's boy and even on his own starting to use some English words without prompting. At dinner said yummy! He was eating grandma Rempel's chili.
I know she would be thrilled to hear this.
He is a great little helper and cleaner and just a blessing. I am so thankful he is easy - esp. today when both my girls had wonderful meltdowns!!
He just whines and cries a bit but soon is done and time to move onto something else.
Tomorrow is a nice quiet family day - to be decided upon based on the mood we are in when we get up.
A great breakthrough as well - Winston finally went to Lily our cat and petted her - so the fear is gone and now he wants to play with her!! Praise!!
HAPPY 4th to ALL - Lavonne and clan

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tiffany said...

That is one amazing little guy you have there! So much progress in so little time! :)