Thursday, July 3, 2008

A family in need... CAN YOU HELP???

Friends of ours Debbie and Dave Harmon are using the same agency as we are. Many think we are crazy with 4 in 4 years. Well they were in China in 2005 and 2007 when we were there and are approved for 2 boys who are 5 that had nobody come forward to adopt and were soon deemed unadoptable by China's standards. They got special waivers to adopt them. But 4 in 3 years is costly - esp. when you consider no discounts and $40,000 10m after you just spent $20,000+.
They have done all this on their own until now. They are short funds and Debbie has to leave in 10 days because China has not allowed them to extend their time unless they wait until October and then it will cost them $4000 more.
Dave just had a unexpected surgery and was laid off and has been unable to find a new job. So things have been very tough and they are living on faith and a miracle while at home costs are at a minimum.

They have a chipin at their blog or you can call Kingdom Kids to help under Harmon. - they have a raffle going for a nice camera

Please consider helping - this is for giving two deserving children of God a chance at having a normal life and getting the medical treatment they need.

WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT of our adoption and know God will lead you with the Harmon Family.
Lavonne and clan.

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