Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wed - the beach

Well today we joined friends in the morning at the beach and I forgot this park had a beach so did not pack buckets or swimming stuff - but the kids had a blast anyways.
Then later played in the playground area.
Later we headed back home and played again in the bouncer pool and we are just having a lot of fun. It sure is nice to be home and do this kind of stuff with the kids and see girlfriends i hardly see. Tomorrow we have friends over in the afternoon and hope the weather holds out.
This is when I wish I had the summer off. :-) Lavonne


tiffany said...

Wow you all are having big fun these days! He may be shocked when the entertainment stops (slows) and the real life begins. ;)

Enjoy your time off with your new improved family. :)

Debby, Momma of the Clan! said...


I am so glad you guys are having so much fun! It is good to see Winston fitting right into your family!