Saturday, June 14, 2008

They are sleeping but in hours Winston is ours

Got some skype messages while out this morning from Scott. The got in at 10 PM so a bit later but ok. Him and Jim are big snorers and both were debating about bringing their cpap? machines... Jim did and Scott brought his mask to fit Jim's?
So the flight I guess was not so comfortable so they did not sleep well - so thankful is was only 12-13 hrs so Jim was out right away and Scott enjoyed a hot shower. Claims its the best one he ever had in China. But then they are staying at the Sofitel and it is a 5 star hotel - you should see the pool - I am definately envious. The guide is ok he noted - but both Jim and him have been to China a few times and Jim has been to Xi'an in 2003. So I don't think they will have issues going out on their own - I have warned them about the pick pockets and I hope Scott has learned his lesson!!
So tonight is Sunday morning there - if correct our 6pm PST is their 8 AM? - I hope I don't have to wait till Sunday to hear back....
Hope to have more news soon - hang in there everyone!
need to go ask one of my nappers to stop singing :-)

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