Friday, June 13, 2008

to recap our day....

Well finally getting to bed at 2 am.... i almost slept in and had to rush to get the kids to school and me to 2 meetings before coming back to hook up with Scott.
This big issue came about at work that still needs resolution.... but finally we get to the airport and the airline Hainan was delayed. They just started service direct to Seattle on Tuesday so Scott and Jim are breaking it in and will have seats to lie down on :-)
It looked like at one point a 2 hour delay - but they finally took off only 1 hour late. Kaitlyn was already starting to act up a couple of days ago and at the airport she was just defiant and when Scott finally said goodbye she lost it and just wailed... I tried to calm her down and Taylor decided to imitate her - so had the three of them with 2 losing it.
We got one last glimpse to say one more goodbye and they were off.
Later Scott and I talked and it turns out he was either pick pocketed or lost his return tickets for him and Winston - ouch!!
So had to buy another set and then we will get reimbursed for a fee so our cheap tickets may not be now.
Finally headed back to work at the end of the day with 3 kids to finish work and head home. But decided today was a McDonald's kind of day.
So here we just sit down to eat and I get called from the kids school. Where is Reagan? It is his Kindergarten Graduation Sleepover tonight - I had it down for next week ??? so we all gobble down the food and quickly rush Reagan to the Rainforest Cafe to do dinner again with his buddies and then they were going to some kids rides place nearby, then back to the school - so we rushed home packed up his stuff and waited. I finally hooked up with the teachers and found one had left her car unlocked so left Reagan's stuff in there and locked her door.
Got home and opened the mail - to find I got caught by camera running a very late amber light - on paper it looks red and now owe $125 ouch again!!!
I hope the next two wks don't continue this way - it does provide entertainment and stories to tell later.
Hoping Scott and Jim and snoring and getting their rest... Winston will be keeping them busy!!


tiffany said...

It was definitely one of those kind of days around here as well.

I am so excited to hear that Scott is on his way to pick up that cutie pie boy! Love the recent pic you got...hope you packed plenty of BOY clothes for him. The designer jeans they have him in cracked me up. Levi had on bright pink shoes in his pix. :) Anyhow, keep up the posting! I cant wait until Sunday! YAY. We met Levi on Mothers Day making it forever extra special. :)

Debby, Momma of the Clan! said...

Lavonne and Scott,

It sounds like you have had an exciting day already!!! I am praying for a little less excitement for the rest of the trip!

Can't wait until Sunday to see pictures of Winston! What a special Father's Day!

Julie said...

Oh wow what a day. I hope the next two weeks go by without too much excitement. I can't wait to see Winston pictures on Sunday.


Starla said...

Oh Lavonne. When it rains it pours, eh? Well, you will forget all of the trials tomorrow when you see Scott with Winston! Hope things go well for them and for you. I will be praying for you.