Saturday, June 14, 2008

3 PM - our time is midnite for Gotcha

Just chatted with Scott and they get Winston at 3 PM - he had his very last sleep forever in the orphanage!! Hard to imagine what this little guy will be thinking.
He has had breakfast and now hopefully being prepared for this huge event in his life. Oh to be there with Scott and Jim to experience this with them. So 7 more hours to go till this little boy gets his Forever Family.
Hopefully he will be prepared and the transition will go nicely for them all.
When Scott called on Skype we had some funky hold music that drowned him out - so now need to figure out how to deal with this so we can hear him.
Talk later - Lavonne


A Crystal Garden said...

AHHHHH!! This is so exciting!!

Starla said...

Oh Lavonne---almost time! You must be on pins and needles waiting to hear that Scott has him. Wish I could stay up, but I'll check back in the morning.