Thursday, June 19, 2008

The kid is smart :-)

Scott has shared a few stories and one was yesterday while we talked close to midnight. All of a sudden Scott noticed that Winston had some M & M's. He had helped himself to the Bar snacks and had hid them under the bed for safe keeping.
Well he decided he was hungry and it was time to get his treasure. Scott let him have a couple and then took them away. Well you should hear this little guy cry!
He is learning... he has had a couple of time outs and well starting to realize he now has boundaries LOL
They had a good visit at the orphanage and he is one of the last of the older toddlers to go. One other one leaves next wk?
So 3 of the nannies were very sad. One had moved to the 3rd floor so they went up and got her photo. They also gave him a silver bracelet and there is a matching one that he gets once he returns - good incentive and we do plan in about 4 years to take all the kids to their orphanages. They could not go to his finding place since it was on a major road and no real indicator to where he was found - just beside the road.
When they got to the orphanage there was no one there to meet them so Winston just walked in and showed them around until a care giver recognized him and helped continue the tour. Scott was very impressed with the place - and we have seen a few orphanages!!
We heard that only one other child has gotten the chicken pox and she was on another floor and quarantined so believe his skin is a staph like infection so plan to get it looked at in GZ.
Winston was pretty quiet at the orphanage but got the closure he needed and is doing well. I will post tonight some video of him talking finally - he is such a cutie and can't believe he is ours.
Talk a bit more later - Lavonne


Starla said...

Great news....probably not chicken pox! That is so good to hear. Sounds like things are going well!


Debby, Momma of the Clan! said...

Lavonne and Scott,

Glad to hear things are going better! Also glad to hear it is not chicken pox.

Can't wait to meet Winston in person!

Hugs Debby and Dave