Friday, June 20, 2008

last day in Xi'an

Well I am having computer problems was trying to put some more photo's up and my internet end is not working as of last night - will try and get it fixed.
I only got 3 photo's but Winston's face is doing better.
They leave tonight for Guangzhou and I do think they have a doctor's apt. I also have one set for next Friday here once they land. I will take him right over so that he does not have to suffer through another wknd.
We are leaning now towards a staph like skin infection?
Still not sure if they will see a western doctor like they had hoped.
Otherwise have no idea what they did yesterday - all I know is they had to be ready at 10 AM to be some where. Their guide unfortunately is not the best at communicating to them when they need things done ahead of time - many times they only get less than an hours notice on things and esp. for getting money this has been an issue. Seems like he is a bit set in his ways :-)
So hoping their last week will be much better than in Xi'an and they can take it easy. They plan to meet with our friend Mark and still not sure if they will meet Lisa?
If I get my computer going will try and post - even if I have to go to someone else's computer to do this.
Lavonne (7 more days!!!)

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