Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some comments from Scott..

Winston had a bit of issue while he was sleeping. it is the first time this has happened. Right before you logged on I had him lay down with me to help calm him down. Wasn't a night terror like Reagan had, but was related to some restless dreams and possibly being confined to the crib. So we may just let him sleep in my bed from now on.

Today we went to see the terra cotta soldiers. winston is opening up more and more. he is constantly talking in chinese, whether telling me what I should be doing or singing. a portion of the time he was in the backpack, but a good portion of it he didn't want to be in it either. jim and i juggled him quite a bit, sometimes coaching him into walking, sometimes on my shouldiers, most of the time holding him in our arms.
It was interesting to go to the terra cotta soldiers, but it was a lot of walking. we were walking through a park that leads up to the buidings and winston got all excited when he saw some butterflies. he yelled the chinese word for butterfly, something like "pedopia". You might want to look that up. Nancy and the girls new it, and nancy chirped in that that is what he is saying.
Everyone in our group is catching on to winton when he wants to go to the bathroom. I belive going pee is something like "nino nino", going poop is something like "bulshem". It is the repeating of the words that clues us in. We've had a couple of incidents when we didn't catch it, and he just peed where he was. Once was at dinner a couple of nights ago. He just stood on the chair and peed a little without taking his pants down. just enough to get some attention and get to the bathroom. he also did it while i was on the toliet in our hotel room, he came in looked at me, told me he had to go, and then started to go. I quickly picked him up and put him in the tub. Needless to say, it was time for a bath.
At the solidiers when we arrived winston started to say that he had to poop. so i quickly took him to a bathroom, there was man there that said 2 juan! I said wait till we are done, since W was already heading in. we got to a stall and he completely changed his mind and walked out. I just looked at the guy as I headed out and shrugged my sholdiers. our son saved us 2 juan.
Never did figure out what was going on there, because he didn't poop for the rest of the day. halfway through the exhibit buildings we were waiting for part of party and my son started to take his pants down. since i didnt see a toliet anywhere close (like ten feet) i just moved him onto the grass and let him do his business.
when we came back we stopped by a place for lunch and during that time he had to go pee three times. it was pretty hot at the terra cotta soldiers and he did drink quite a bit. but it may also start to become something to do when he gets bored. either way, i'm not taking any chances esp since he went in the chair at a restaurant the other night.
W has become much more annimated the past couple of days. some of it is is probably just feeling a little bit better and some if getting accustomed to his surrondings. every once in a while he will do a silly walk where he just rocks his head back and forth. i'm scared that reagan and him will feed off of each other a lot.
He's not really into balls. he does like playing with anything that has buttons or knobs. most of those items he isn't suppose to play with ... and he knows it. He reach over to an object (telephone, remote control, computer) and just before touching it he stops to look and see what you are going to do. most of the time he continues to touch it just to see how jim and i react.
While at lunch today jim inquired about some bottles of what looked like scotch next to some other things that you could buy. boy the lady caught on and quickly offered him a free sample. he looked at a little more and quickly got out of there. i was surprised until i got a little closer to bottles and realized that it probably wasn't scotch, but some alcohol with ginger and gingsing chunks at the bottom of it. i was still surprised jim turned down a free sample. ;)
We have a bit of a problem. W doesn't have a daddy ... he has 2 babs. and many times while he wants me to hold him, he wants to be with Jim. While at the terra cotta jim would wonder ahead of the group, or behind, and W would cry out "baba "... and then what was the phrase in chinese "come here!"
He has 2 babas.
He has really bonded with jim. towards the end of the terra cotta we got him saying Gey Geay instead of baba for jim, but i'm not sure if that will last. that's grandfather.
Jim and i realized after coming back to the room today that we are the curse to our hotel. when you want ice, you have to order it. jim likes a lot of ice. yesterday he ordered at least twice. i think it frustrate him that he cannot get it himself. i found out later that he was trying to save some ice cream that i had bought earlier in the day. not only did it not refreeze, but then i think he realized that it was a kind that he even likes. he disappeared at the end of the terra cotta today only to appear with a ice cream cone. so i guess he had been thinking about the ice cream dissapointment since last night
[So every day we are calling down ordering ice for the room (in a small bucket). 2 days ago we had jims converter melt in the electrical socket, create this really bad odor in the room, and as we found out also short out a couple of our sockets.
When i finally got into the room, jim had gone ahead by a few minutes, there was already 3 different people trying to find out why the a/c was producing this really bad odor. the problem is, most do not speak english ...
We are not out of the woods with the chicken pox thing yet. I faxed mark the hotel doctor's letter and talked in detail with mark on the phone. but the letter is very ambigious and it was in chinese. keep praying about it. the us consulate could say that the letter is not enough. we are meeting tomorrow at 830 am to go to the orphanage. I don't know when we will be back, hopefully around noon, but probably afters. that probably will mean that i will miss the kids again unless you get home early from work. i miss them all. hope everything else is going okay. love ya. Scott


tiffany said...

Oh my goodness you are going to have your hands full. LOL What is the boy doing peeing all over town? LOL

Starla said...

Great post!


Heather said...

I agree about the peeing while bored thing. While we were in GZ, we decided to go for a massage. Our guide volunteered to watch Acer while we had our massages at the same time. Poor Dennis said he'd taken Acer to the potty 12 times in that hour!
Heather BT
Prayers about the leg rash, whatever it is!