Thursday, May 29, 2008

14 days till take off... leaving on a jet plane....

CA CA CA has come!! The holiday did mess things up but you live with what you can get and God provides.
Scott will be leaving on Friday, June 13 at 2 PM and arrives on Sat at 9:30 PM with Jim his step-dad. Sunday the 15th they get Winston and Monday the do paperwork.
Sat the 21st they fly to Guangzhou, the 25th is the CA apt at 10 AM, 26th in the afternoon they are sworn in and the 27th they fly home and arrive at noon...
so I have 29 days to count until i see my little guy. Wow other than the daily chats this will be hard - but then alone with the kids I will be busy.

We got a great deal thanks to travel wizard Sue Sorrell's and a Chinese Airline just started in June flying direct to Beijing from Seattle - so less than 11 hours and a very good price. Another thing to be thankful for.
So the final papers are being worked on... packing gets done this wknd for some of it - what i can get done. My little guy is so close to being in my arms finally - oh time hurry up please LOL
Today we celebrated Taylor's 4th so will be posting lots of photo's am getting behind on kids shots. We have a big party Sunday for them and the weather is suppose to be good. Tomorrow I add a year to my life and hit 45. So we have lots going on.
We have friends coming in from TX in a wk so glad we can hook up with them and possibly another family before Scott leaves and already trying to book Winston's dedication for July 20th... so keep posted lots coming soon!!


Stacey said...

YIPPEEE!!! Congratulations! I can't wait until he is finally in your arms.

Heather said...

You received CA the same day we received Pa! What a great day for both families.
Heather BT

FHL said...

WooooWHoooo!! Wonderful news! Congratulations!

Charlotte said...

Woohoooo !

Can't wait to see him come home too to his big family !!

Charlotte and crew

bamboosprouts said...

Woohoo! Can not wait to see that boy home with his family. :)