Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reagan's latest creation

Reagan's talent is amazing. Today he painted this Eagle in art class. He has been doing water color the past month and loving it. Of course we think he is just so talented - then you see others in the same boat. But still our Mr. D is a gifted and talented boy that God has great plans for! He'll be 6 at the end of July.


Mommy to 3, waiting for #4 said...

Gosh, he's soooooo talented!!! :)

Sue & Robert Stark said...

Beautiful art work! You know me...not good at emailing! How pitiful! I MUST call much to catch up on! We were in China for 1 week (March 30-April 6)...NO, not for #2...we wish!!! BUT...we went to Lily's hometown and met her foster family (who are Christians!). It all came together the week before God story. We just got back from a week's vacation in San Diego. Gotta run. More later...Can't wait for Winston for you!!!

Praying for you all,
Sue Stark :)
PS--It will probably be 1 MORE year for us! :(

bamboosprouts said...

What? That is amazing! Talented indeed.