Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No CA yet

With the holiday - our agency was closed so they just put the request in today.
So a bit bummed. One group has their CA apt already and will be leaving on the 8th. At first that is what our agency thought, but since not submitting we now maybe looking at the 14th. We asked to travel alone and go faster but looks like that won't be an option for us either. So we sit and wait it out hoping tomorrow we will have some news and be able to book Scott's tickets.
Scott now will probably miss Reagan's graduation from Kindergarten. It sounds silly but their school has a big production - so I know Scott is not thrilled about this and Reagan won't be happy either. Can't do much.


Starla said...

What a bummer! Seems like no matter how much we hurry up and hurry, things don't always go the way we want. BUT...God has the timing all set....so you can rest in that.

Excited for you!! Starla

Julie said...

Any news?? I am hoping you get the CA you want.