Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The kids this wknd

Saturday was a rare 70 degree day - now we are back to 45 degree weather - so the kids finally got out to play. Taylor impressed us with her new ability to get on the swing herself and actually pump. The other photo is Reagan at artclass - he is now learning watercolor - so can't wait to see what kind of paintings he will be soon bringing home!!
Cindy his teacher (not shown) is about to travel to China and get her daughter in May.
No LOA's today - so that is good news in that nobody got them today - so still hoping for good news. But a lot of scary rumors hit including the news of new visa requirements for the Olympic's. Can't do much about any of this.


Heather said...

Thank you so Much. It was just the boost I needed to let me know that God was listening and that it would all be okay. We'd hit a lull in our fundraising and I was sending up a lot of Please prayers, and in comes your donation. Thanks so much.
Heather BT

FHL said...

You'll have to post some of Reagan's masterpieces :-) Sounds like a fun day!