Monday, April 14, 2008

75 days and still counting - Tomorrow is Tues??

Well each day brings us one day closer to our goal of LOA...
Thankfully we are very busy and this wknd I spent most of it in bed with a cold/flu thing - still a bit tired. Did get a couple hours outside when the sun finally came out and we did start our yard cleaning in hopes for more good weather - looks like with our LOA we will continue to wait LOL.
We are hearing stronger rumors about the orphanage fee going up - so still hoping we either have a miracle with another $2000 come in from somewhere or we just happen to have it by the time we leave. That is a huge increase without warning and many families are desperately creating fundraisers... to raise the money at the last min.
Some have really got creative and we may need to do the same?
Did hear on Friday that the volunteer on the 4th floor saw our son playing outside and told his Nannies we were coming for him. Another women is leaving soon - so may send him a small gift - so he is prepared. Well hoping and praying for good news tomorrow. - Lavonne

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