Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday is 79 days....

Well heard our agency and a few others are getting TA's tomorrow....
There has not been one LOA announcement this week in all the groups I am on - so here's hoping for some good news tomorrow.
Scott went to Lotus Travel who uses the LA Chinese Consulate and we are trying to get his Visa in before the changes are official. They kept saying they have not heard that the changes are for US citizens???? I take Monday off and drive to Vancouver to renew my passport and we then redo our fingerprints and finally send off our power of attorney stuff. You'd think we'd be done by now!!??
Tonight I hope to start Winston's blanket - the kids are in bed, Scott is out -- the house is quiet and I need something that is a bit therapeutic to wash away the day with hopes tomorrow will bring some wonderful news :-)
Here's hoping and praying - Lavonne

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