Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Winston sighting!!

Well at least while we are tapping our fingers and sitting by the phone our faithful Sandy the volunteer Nanny on the 4th floor or the orphanage has emailed me that she is seeing our son when out in the playground. Winston is on the 1st floor so she can't go see him, but when they are all out she looks for him now. Last week she told his nannies we were coming... She goes every Friday to help and emails the group of what she see's. I did hope she could have him on her floor and take him home but this is the next best thing...
This is what she wrote me...

Hi... just to let you know... I saw your boy & a heap of others outside yesterday & we all played on the big trampoline together! The carers know he is going & I told him oyu are coming soon. He is a little shyer than some of the other boys but a sweetie!

They are not scared of foreigners at all... LOVE cuddles .... I had about 5 of them on top of me on the tramp! :)

Love, Sandy

ps the carers are nice... & they obviously care for the kids too... good to see


Julie said...

What a blessing to have so much information on Winston. Prayerfully we will hear something next week. Come on LOAs.


Tiffany said...

Ahhh he is shy! So cute. How special to get that wonderful little update. :)