Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Winston Sightings

We have gotten really lucky this week with another family visiting the orphanage. They have a system called "Pay it Forward" so each family that travels has a list of kids to see and they willingly let them take photo's of our kids. There is one volunteer who works on the 4th floor who sends weekly updates on the kids on her floor and takes the kids home and speaks english to them so they are ready for their parents. WOW - this is so rare. We are hoping Winston will get to the 4th floor with Auntie Sandi soon.
This photo I love - he is just smiling.... after the guide told him his mommy is coming soon.... He knows we are coming and that he has a family what Joy!!

The women who met Winston said he is coy, very sweet and flirted with her. She also noted our boy is big - so i will try and get an update on his size - now thinking he maybe as big as Reagan? just shorter :-)

She is sending more photo's later that she took of him - but it is such a nice feeling to know he is doing well and I don't have to be anxious. Praise God.


tiffany said...

Wow! I cant get over these great pix you are getting! And he is just so handsome. And how cute is it that he flirts. :)

Kelly said...

He looks and sounds like such a sweetie. It is so nice that you are able to keep receiving pictures.

Starla said...

How great you got another pic...and this one with a little smile! So cute.....Starla