Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winston Sighting !!!

I wish he was a bit more happier - but someone visited the orphanage hours ago and saw Winston playing outside - at least there is no snow now. He was probably wondering why are you taking my picture? If he only knew - across the ocean a soon-to-be mother was in tears - thrilled to get an update on her little guy. Oh Winston your soon to be new life will change you! We wait anxiously for you 22 days down!!
your waiting mommy!


Amy said...

He is so cute!!!
I just want to kiss those cheeks.

Starla said...

What a great blessing for you to have this picture. Even without a smile he is as cute as a button! Starla

tiffany said...

Ahhh! SO CUTE. I know any additional glimpses of your sweet little man mean the world during this long wait to travel. :)