Monday, March 3, 2008

I month and counting

Yes - we are guessing we have 30 days into our LID - known as Log In Date in China.
This gets us closer to getting our boy. We have asked our agency for an update on size since we think he maybe our first to be bigger than we thought LOL

We still are hoping to have word by the end of April and things are hoping along in the CCAA office of paperwork.... Today a friend got her LOA which we are now waiting for in about 2m - she had switched from nsn to sn child had been told 3-4m so this was a great surprise for her. Then another person got theirs on the sn route with 93 days wait.

So we will just keep moving forward and hope to get at least a couple more updates - hope Winston moves upstairs with many departures of kids going home and we get a few more home projects tied up at home.

On the fundraising front, we are getting pretty close to our goal which is such a nice relief for us - months before travel - a first. We just got our income tax return on Friday - Praise God!!! and we slowly getting funds in our Kingdom Kids account - Thank you all who have given so far - also to our chip-in - I think we are still about $1500 off? I plan to do a few baking fund raisers at work and we are still hoping to clear the house of some unnecessary goods - just finding the time is hard. We also have to start visiting schools soon which is a task with soon to be 4 kids - but God knows..... :-)

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