Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Challenges - they never end :-)

Well today we were hoping to get our Authenticated Dossier back.... well as luck has it - it did not happen that way! God definately had another plan, but with these delays doors opened and prayers have been answered. Thank you Lord and to those who were faithfully praying!

Yesterday we got an email from our courier noting my Canadian Birth Certificate was denied???? well after doing it this way for the past 3 adoptions since 2003 - I was a bit taken back. We got an address and new information and I got busy yesterday afternoon trying to figure out what we would do. Then late into the evening i realized there was a vm on my cell phone. Turns out it was FedEx - our package had not been sent since they had a wrong credit card #. We kept trying to call them but I did not until close to noon today!!

Turns out with the Dossiers running less they are becoming more picky and noticing more things... and I am suppose to have my BCert done in Canada. So I finally got a live body in Victoria BC - a wonderful women who is my angel and is willing to help me through this process. It appears only a few days a week they sign these things - so Thur and Fri are my days this wk and then I think next Thurs. So we are working on a plan to get this all done right.
After Victoria, it has to go to the Vancouver Canadian - Chinese Consulate to be Authenticated... this from our understanding takes 48 hrs on a rush! So will arrange to have friends reforward the papers and FedEx them to our agency.
My new goal is to have these papers send to Madison in DE by Thursday and off to China on Friday with arriving at CCAA on Sunday the 27th and hopefully Logged in by months end and before CNY.

Adoption is such a journey... of Love, from the Heart, and with much Pain and hard Work :-) but in the end the JOY of stretching yourself to bring a child home - to call them yours and give them something they would never have. God did not intend these children to be orphans - but our worldly choices create this for them and yet God loves each one of these children and calls them HIS OWN.

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