Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Day...

Well the FedEx package came at noon and was off to Canada this evening - to arrive tomorrow and get signed and sent back to us - YA.... pray it has no issues.

Last night - when the kids came home, Reagan and Kaitlyn decided to sheepishly share that Taylor ate a worm at school when they were outside (thoughts of Fear Factor came to mind). Well after some questioning and not being sure who was telling the full truth? One little boy came up as the main character behind this story. So this morning I asked him what happened. I don't believe I will ever really know - but it appears one of the kids - possibly Taylor? found a worm and i guess the older one's encouraged Taylor to eat it - Not knowing any better - Taylor swallowed the thing and also willingly told us that she had. I know it won't kill her - but my stomach turns at the though - all I can say is she is getting her protein. I know it won't happen again after the kids and teachers know I know :-)

Tonight Scott left to have his sleep tested - YA - I am hoping he'll get a machine again so I can get a good nights sleep! We'll Taylor decided it was her night to act up. It has been a long time. I am so worn out. We had one big melt down session (maybe it was the worm?) We had it out for about an hour - it has been months since it was like this - but now she is finally in bed almost asleep. So Thankful we are done and tomorrow will be a bright new day!
Have a good one - God Bless, Lavonne

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