Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reagan's surgery

Well this morning Scott and Reagan took off to the hospital around 6:30 AM - not a fun time or thing to do!
I took the girls to school and headed to work for a few hours.
This was Scott's first solo hospital adventure with Reagan. They had to be there by 7:30 AM and Surgery was scheduled for 8:45 AM - of course this time Reagan was hungary and started crying. Eventually Scott broke down and gave him a MINT !!!!!
Glad I did not know this since the rules are NO FOOD after 4:30 AM..........
Scott did tell them and the Anasteciologist (can't spell that one!) noted that the knock out meds they give them is more - so Scott got off and the surgery went ahead as planned.
I got there later and was able to see Reagan out of surgery. The surgery was 2 hours. The poor little guy. He cried for daddy as soon as he came to and the poor guy who took him into the room kept thinking he was a girl. We finally let him know even though Reagan is usually a girls name.... he was a boy!
The IV in his hand hurt so it took a while to calm him down - but soon he was eating Jello - three later - I had to go back to work. Scott kept feeding him and within hours of surgery he had eaten the Jello, 2 puddings, and noodle soup. So later around 7 PM when I got there with the girls he was off the IV and had used the bathroom many times. So he'll be out early I am sure. They were very impressed with his overall comeback.
He had one Tylanol Codiene and that was it. They say his recovery will be two wks of soft food - faster than the others, but will have a sore throat for 2-3 days.
We are thrilled with the great success and his fast recovery. Hoping he'll be feeling this good tomorrow.
We left at 7:30 - Scott and Reagan had already been for a walk and we left them heading to the Cafeteria for dinner.
So thanks for all the calls and prayers - they have been answered and as always God is faithful and has provided. Continue to pray that this will be the answer to his palate issues and that Reagan can have a break from surgeries for the next two years or more!!

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Nicholson Family said...

We'll add an extra special Get Well Soon prayer for Reagan. God Bless. The Nicholson Family