Monday, October 8, 2007

One Tired Momma

Hey there - the parties are done! It was a success and after baking cupcakes at 10:30 PM we got the photoboard ready for school and today went well too.
Kaitlyn was in her glory and hopefully this helped with her adjustment in moving to the middle of the sibbling chain.

Tomorrow Scott and I celebrate our 8th anniversary by shuffling past each other while getting ready for work.....? Hopefully not, but not much planned since we have tickets to the theater on Wed night. We have season's tickets and Scott get's lucky with the show falling the day after our anniversary. Grandma Sue is watching the tree of them.... hope they are good :-)

Thursday, Reagan has his surgery and Scott will stay with him and I will stay with the girls. Friday Scott flies out to OK and I manage the family while he is gone. Scott has arranged for family to drop in, so I don't lose it LOL -- I think I can handle three on my own, we just will keep it very simple.

Then we are done with our very insane schedule and can start moving to a coasting mode????? well one can wish LOL

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Nicholson Family said...

Here's hoping for some coasting for you. Hope the surgery goes well and Reagan's feeling better very soon. Kaitlin and Taylor sure are cutie-pies! Keep in touch and we'll talk soon. We leave for Taiwan on 10/24, gotcha day is scheduled for Friday (10/26). Take a look at our blog for the newest photo. Take care!