Friday, October 12, 2007

He's home!

Our trooper is home....
Scott called me around 9 AM and said he had done so well he could already go home. I was at work - so we figured on meeting at home for lunch. I came home and Reagan was watching a video, had eaten noodles for lunch and part of a milk shake. I gave him a bit more pain meds and took him to work with me. Scott left at 3 PM for OK to speak on cockroaches. Yep - my bug man did his thesis at Purdue on the German Cockroach.
So our kids have a fondness for the bug world LOL

Reagan was tired so he fell asleep at work - I felt bad since i was only going to stay an hour, but did not want to wake him up. So just kept busy and finally at 4 woke him up and we picked up the girls and went home. At home we went for a short walk and he was doing pretty well. Gave him some more meds for dinner and all three are now fast asleep and I am glad it went well.

Scott's flight kept getting delayed in Salt Lake - so it will be well after midnight before he gets to Tulsa.

Should have photo's tomorrow - plan on taking it easy - bringing out the sleeping bags, the indoor tent and just having fun. Day two can be rough so praying Reagan will do well.

Thanks again for all your prayers!!

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