Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday the 1st in Jingxi Province

Well today has finally come. We were up at 5 AM and got ourselves and the kids up to head to the airport. It was hard and Taylor had the hardest time with it, but we made it and our guide David had breakfast ordered and we were on our way to the Airport.

Our flight on China Southern was at 8:05 AM and we had an e-ticket set up - so was really easy, I had Taylor in the carrier which made things pretty easy. The new airport is so much nicer. We were in it briefly two years ago, but in another area, so was nice to see this part.

Did not have to wait long so got the kids fed and soon we were boarding for Taylor's first trip on a plane. Reagan was pretty excited and it is sinking in that this trip is about him.

Taylor did ok, except for the fact as they were preparing to leave the terminal Taylor decided she needed to use the bathroom, so had a moment of panic with the steward trying to explain to Taylor to wait and of course she went into one of her tempers, but finally got her to look out the window and she thought that was interesting. We got fed right away. Two heated rolls, one with some paste? in it and the othere I think with Tuna? Taylor liked them. She struggled with the concept of just sitting in the seat - she would prefer to run.

The flight was 1 hr and 15 min long and then we got to Nanchang. We decided it would be best to be last. Then we walked straight out and Sissi our guide was waiting for us. Of course made a bathroom break - Chinese squaters the choice and was a bit challenging with a dress and and a squirmy kid you have to balance over the thing.
We had about a three hour drive ahead of us.

Sissi has been great... she even had water for us and books for the kids.I had her order me some chops for each of the kids and she did a wonderful job and then she got two scroll paintings for the girls since Reagan had one already. The same artist did it and they are beautiful.
We slept part of the way and got there in good time. We headed to a local restaurant and the whole restaurant stopped and stared at us all. We finally sat down and had some really good food. The kids did not enjoy it as much - the food in this reagion is spicy! Scott and I of course enjoyed it. I loved the eggplant dish.

We have now headed back to the hotel ... the Kai Menzi Grand Hotel which is an older 4 star, have tried to get the kids to settle a bit and get some rest. We meet Sissi at 5 PM to go for dinner with the orphanage staff. We are really looking forward to this. Should be an interesting time. Tomorrow we will go to the orphanage and tour the place and meet Reagan's foster mother.

Reagan is starting to talk more about it and is really taking this all in.
Well talk to you later.... Lavonne


Sonia said...


I have loved following your journey so far, but now I am getting teary, just knowing you are so close to Claire. How exciting for Reagan! I hope one day we can take our girls back to see Jingdezhen.


Sonia said...

Ok, you can tell I am teary. I called you Yvonne... Go figure, I just another email to a real Yvonne, who probably got called Lavonne. I need to go check...