Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday the 31st

Today was a good day. Since our CA apt was a day early we took it easy. Went to breakfast again late and then played with the kids in the room. We have a king size bed and the kids love it. They just roll around dog piling on each other and Scott. We had them all almost in tears laughing so hard. I am sure whoever was in the next room was wishing they weren't.

At breakfast was able to say goodbye to a few people we have made friends with over breakfast. One couple also has a girl with a deformed arm. This is their fifth child and they live in Fresno. Then Cathy and John Jones just got their third child, first adoption and are from Bellingham. Both couples were in the swearing in ceremony with us yesterday and go home this wknd.

Later on we met the Fresno couple in the lobby and they mentioned they had just been at the White Swan and were with friends of friends and met our friends Mark and Melinda who were visiting with Lynn G, who has two Chinese daughters and is an old careers person too from Westminster Chapel. Small world this adoption community can be!

Later on got to see Michelle and her two boys....she has her hands full esp. with one who is having a harder time getting use to all this change. He finally got into playing with some of the toys they brought. We plan to do dinner on Monday when Charlotte and Glen are here. They get in late tomorrow night. So glad we are getting to see most of the people I have connected with.

We finally hooked up with our guide David. We wanted to take him somewhere nice for dinner and head to the other side of the canal to the market. I wanted to get Taylor her pearl set, as I had with Kaitlyn.

We headed out and had the two in strollers and Taylor in the carrier. We had many come to David and ask him if we had all three. It is a common thing for us....
The market is very interesting and then past the market is the fashion mall where there are tons of shops. We really were not that interested in shopping and our budget did not allow for it. We did get Reagan some shorts and a top for $3 and then headed to the pearl shop. It turned out to be the same as we went to for Kailtyn - but the prices in two years have gone up.

I looked at one single black pearl necklace for myself - but when I saw it was $400, said I was done. Scott thought I should get something - but really did not need anything. Finally I remembered the green hue pearl earrings I bought in Hawaii - so asked if we could find some green pearls. Then next place had some - so bought a strand for $40 - which will take home and someday have made into a necklace and braclete when our budget is there.

We then went to KFC - I thought we were doing Chinese, but I think David was realizing the kids needed something. So it turned out ok and we had a good meal there. It was starting to get dark out so headed back and had a good day.

One funny thing... David kept talking about the Bad Food? then pointed to all these people hanging out eating. So asked Scott if he wanted to try it? Of course he is always game. So David ordered a dish which I think he really likes. He gave Scott some and he said no.- I was shocked. But all the kids wanted to try it. Reagan also did not like - our other brave food eater. Then Kaitlyn and she liked it, Taylor was so wanting to eat she was jumping out of the seat. .... Well Scott finally asked David if it was Liver? and he said yes. Taylor helped him finish it off and we all quickly went to get something to drink to wash it down. LOL

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