Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday evening

Hey there had a great day! The staff meet us at 5 at the hotel and it was great to see them. Nobody had changed and they sure were excited to see Reagan. He got a bit shy at first and took some time to get comfortable with them.

We drove off to an area our guide was not familiar with and we were thrilled to have this experience and learn lots about the culture, history of this area. We drove to a park that is at the Headquarters of the famous Green Tea company in Jingdezhen - which is along their famous river, which was used to ship pottery throughout china. Also the name I forget and need to have our guide write down...of the river is famous and formed the name of China? and also of the city.

The park was just beautiful, and we took many photo's to share later. They had a private room set aside for us and we met with most of the senior staff and had a wonderful dinner, the food was great. Reagan warmed up and let the Director hold him. The Director and Asst Director are the two who brought Reagan to our hotel room that cold day Feb 4th, 2004. We were able to talk and ask questions. I also inquired about a couple of kid that are there now - who I should see tomorrow.

They were thrilled to hear that Reagan liked Chicken feet, so they ordered a special dish for him of duck feet - but they thought it was not spicey and they were and poor Reagan could not eat them. The evening was just a wonderful time together and there were many toasts made!

They did say that Reagan's foster mother many times came to the orphanage saying she did not know what to do with Reagan since he was such a busy baby boy!! That is our boy! Tomorrow we spent the morning with them and will ask her many questions about his life.

We found out her son is now 17 and just passed his exams to get into one of the top Universities in Finance, so I know she must be very proud.

Later on we returned back to our hotel and talked with our guide Sissi for many hours about culture, history and thoughts about life in China and their future and politics.... it was very insightful for both and Sissi, also gave us copies of songs and history. She is a wonderful guide. I know we will be staying in touch.
Good night from Jingdezhen ( pronounced like Jing Da Gung)

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Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! We have loved following along on your journey!