Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We have our CA

Today we found out for sure we will be finalizing the adoption with the US Embassy on August 30th. We finalized our tickets and are set. We also should be able to finalize our plans to go to Reagan's orphanage and see his foster mother.
Got a great bonus regarding my time off at work. Today also set up Taylor's doctor's appt's and since she is three - they offered to have an Chinese interpreter, so think this will help.
We still don't know what day we will get Taylor and we only have a couple of days to see my friend Lisa. It is exam time for her students and the she is going to HK. So really hoping we get her right away and can get her papers processed.
It's late and need to head to bed! -- Lavonne

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S & B In Asia said...

So it looks like you will not be stopping by here. Thinking of you as you work through all the details and travel.