Saturday, August 11, 2007

Only 3 more days!

We are starting to get nervous and excited - this wknd we finalize things and we should be set to go!
Of course we don't go without the last min. challenges...for example...we looked on line to pay our credit card and let them know we'd be in China. We'll there is a note that my card has had fraudulate activity!! - after calling in - we realize it is the TJ Max/Marshall's thing that happened last Dec 06 - and they are just now dealing with it - supposibly sending us a letter last month we never got and we find out a new card is was issued Wed. So we had to have them resend one to my work so I would have it in time for the trip - thank goodness we caught it.
We also realized with the delayed trip - I have my old medical insurance ending Aug 31 and my new Sept 1 - we don't get home until the 5th. So now - we have to get our insurance and other work papers done by Monday to get this finalized so we are covered as of the 1st with our new insurance :-)and have Taylor covered.
Oh the joy's of adoption!!! I have enclosed a photo of Reagan's artwork - we will be giving this to his foster mother when we see her and there is a nice boat one we are giving to the orphange. Plans are set - and will write those up tomorrow.
In 8 days we will have Taylor!!!!

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Starla said...

Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to following along.