Monday, August 6, 2007

TA is in our hands - finalizing things

Picked up the official TA document at the FedEx office tonight. We had to sign for it. We have flights on hold and had to change our CA appointment since we could not get flights back. It is the end of summer when we go and people are heading back to the US for school and then the long wknd - so there was a week we could not travel.
So looks like we will leave on the 15th next week. We almost left in a couple of days but it just did not work out. We will probably stay 3 weeks.
It is going to be harder with the kids traveling so keeping things to a minimum if possible.
We will visit our friend Lisa in her hometown, have friends from HK come and visit us, another set of friends are moving there and we hope to see them as well. Finally, we may have an opportunity to see Reagan's foster mother and orphanage. We are looking into this now and hope it will work out.
They are building a new orphange and will be tearing down the one that was there when Reagan was abandoned at the gates on July 28, 2002 at 3 days old. We felt if we could do this, it would be good for Reagan to see this place as is and meet his foster mother and the staff. We know someone who just did this and has given us the contact person and we are waiting to hear if we can do this, last min.
We also plan to meet our friend Lisa's sister in Dongguan after we are done - she lives there and wants to meet us. So we will hire a cab for the day and spend time with her and her son.
So this will not be the typical adoption journey with parents and tours - it is looking more like a family vacation - which we feel more comfortable with. Doing things that will build on our memories and our kids and building relationships in China that will last a lifetime. -- Lavonne (photo of Reagan at 3 days old)

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Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Congratulaions and Safe travels! I bet the kids will do great! I'll be keeping up through your blog! Taylor is such a little cutie! As are all your children!