Thursday, August 16, 2007

We are in CHINA !!!

Hey everyone will be brief it is almost midnight her on Thurs the 17th and it has taken us 28 hours to travel here. We were up at 3AM, the kids did well since they were excited to go on the plane. The shuttle was only 15 mins. late, but using Alaska as a connection was less desirable. Funny today on Wall Street Journal they wrote that this was Alaska Airlines future going all e=Ticket... but not when your trying to do it with two airlines going to China for 4 people and 10 pc of luggage LOL
Well got to SF around 8:45 AM and had 3 hrs to kill so did pizza since not much at our holding gate. We flew out at 12:55 AM an they managed to put us all together and we did great/ Mom & Dad were pretty tired - the kids were ready to go - in the end only had one melt down each briefly by each kid at the end. Reagan again did not want to sleep.
Flew to Tokyo and as always enjoyed JAL - funny we ordered the kids meals - which we thought would me more like a "Happy Meal" - surprise the same as ours just first before anyone else got served LOL
Saw a few movies so I guess now I am caught up for a while :-)
We arrived early in Tokyo at 3 PM and the kids had fun riding the moving sidewalk back and forth - so that killed a few hours until we left at 6:25 PM - did get in some pretty good Japanese food.... and Scott got the best moment of them all....
Kaitlyn all of a sudden got spooked by the auto toilets??? used them many times before, well..... luckily felt we needed to play it safe and put on pull-ups... well she held it and while Reagan and I were out walking, she was sittin on Scott's lap and desided it was time to let loose! He got soaked in the right spot, I had packed underware and pullups and a top - but no pants :-) so kaitlyn wore her jacket like a skirt and Scott walked around with a great wet spot on his shorts LOL I wish I had a photo is was one of those priceless moments.
Well the last flight was at 6:25 PM and was 3 hrs - so the plane was empty so we all took a row and slept the whole flight.
Our room is wonderful and was worth getting - a suite with a board bed - no softer than the WS, but don't have to use my laptop since we have a computer in the room, storage, living room, two cribs, two bathrooms and lots of room for the kids. We are just off the canel in the main bldg and are thrilled we did it. It was a smoking room, but does not smell and I had packed a can of frabreeze ? just in case for my allergies.
We'll off to a good start - David is our guide for parts of the trip, our panda phone arrived and will let some of you know the number in case of an emergancy...
Post photo's in the morning when I am back to somewhat normal.
Who know's Scott is sawing wood already - but I am so tired it may not bother me.
Good night from Guangzhou - in monsoon season - raining

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vicki said...

I am happy to hear that you all arrived safely in China. I hope you get your rest.