Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our First Day

Well still recovering from jet lag and the long trip over. Kaitlyn is napping - i should be too since it is starting to hit again. The boys are out checking things out.
I was up at 6:30 AM and could not go back to sleep. Scott and the kids woke about an hour later and we finally headed down for breakfast. Not bad, definately nothing like the WS, but had expected this.
Got some of our stuff organized and put away and went for a quick walk until Kailyn was showing signs of a meltdown coming on. So headed back to the hotel.
Our friend Lisa shows up at around 6 PM and then we will go for dinner.
Not sure yet when we will be heading out in the morning - but will be driven to HeYuan to spend the next two days there. Will be meeting with Lisa's students at the local high school and talk to them about our adoption and life in America. For pretty much all of them, they are learning to speak English and have never spoken to a foreigner before. This is a big thing and the principal of the school is making a big deal about us coming to talk.
I have few photo's which I hope will load, we can't see the blog here since we are blocked.... but can blog and load. If your not seeing anything drop me an email at:
Thanks - Lavonne (no rain, not overly muggy - just nice)

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