Tuesday, August 14, 2007

11:15 PM and we should be in BED!

Of course that is what we should be doing is getting some zzzz's but no we are still working through the mess of paperwork. We were spoiled last time to have our agency walk through it with us - we just found we have a form to be notorized ??? well we will see what happens. The bags are pretty much packed - all is done but this and us sleeping the less than 2-3 hours we will probably get LOL - thus the life of adopting overseas :-)
We are so thankful for the continued emails of support and well wishes - it is so hard to believe it is finally here and hours away from our journey beginning - well in some ways it started a year ago - the day we get Taylor is the day we made our 1st call to our agency about adopting. Amazing how things have turned out a year later.
Oh well the journey begins and the next blog will be on our way!
Lavonne and gang :-)


Cathy said...

Hi Lavonne & Scott,

Won't be much longer now until Taylor is in your arms. Enjoy every minute of your journey with your newest addition. Let Reagan & Kaitlyn know that Grace & Isabel said hello and they miss Phoenix. Let us know when you are back! :O)

Dan, Cathy and the kids.

Jill K. said...

Get some sleep, you four. ;) I am so excited for you, and I'm keeping all of you in my prayers. August 20th is a good day. My dear cousin's birthday is 8-20, and she has a daughter with the same birthdate.
Soon you will be holding the newest member of your family forever.
Jill :)